The Gonz rockin’ braids/1984-85

ben frost

Death above the corpses of two men, 1538

This boneless is one of the gnarliest tricks I’ve ever shot of anybody. Look at that thing! it’s harsh. It’s the steepest bank. It was super-hard to walk up that bank to put my flashes up there. Coming down that thing, especially from the roof, is heavy. It was me, Chima and Cody Green driving around LA on a super-mellow Sunday. We didn’t even warm up anywhere. I think Cody mentioned we were by this thing and Chima wanted to check it out. It’s funny because I’ve never seen Chima do a boneless and he was like, “I think I can boneless into it; let’s do it.” It was almost getting dark, we didn’t have anyone there to watch traffic, we didn’t know what to do but he was like, “I’m down! Let just do this!” So we went and got brooms down the street at a Home Depot and I ended up calling up AVE, because we were supposed to skate with him that day, and I was like, “Hey! Can you come help us with this photo? We need to someone to watch traffic.” And he was down. By the time he came and met up we already had this thing swept up, we cut the fence to get up there and we were getting our angles down. Chima just starts going for it quick. He actually did it the first time he put it down. It was insane. Didn’t slam. He just went for it and nailed it. It ended up being the cover to The Skateboard Mag. Once you see things through the lens it sometimes looks different than how you imagined and it was one of those things; I wanted to shoot it super wide at first to show the whole environment but that didn’t really work out. By the time I’m figuring it out the dude is already landing it. Sometimes it’s just do or die with the photos too. I could have easily not got the cover if I was slacking, trying to shoot it how I thought I was going to shoot it. Check the photo. He’s wearing Authentics, dude! can you imagine running down that thing in Authentics? That’s definitely some aboriginal feet right there! - Anthony Acosta